1.Respect other members of the clan.

2.Please don't make bad offences or comments of other members/or post anything bad on our forum.

3.When Posting on our Forum please do not go off topic(e.g-Post in Mods section but talk about tracks).

4.No Nude Photos posted.

5.No Violent Photos posted.

6.Silly Photos can be posted but try not to make it that silly/stupid.

7.Respect the Admins/Moderators and Espcially the Leader.

8.No Violence aswell.

9.Low Ranked members will be depended on the Admin Reply please DO NOT Beg for a Admin/or on our servers.

10.HACKS/CHEATS are banned from this clan DO NOT try and attempt to make a move (You will be blacked and kicked out from the clan).

11.If the tag can not fit in your name (In TrackMania) please report to an admin or leader.

12.If you are in another clan and join this clan the Leader will have to speak to the other owner of your other clan before excepting you in.

13.If you see any violence/nudity report to and admin or moderator straight away.

14.If you see any of anything related to us or another clan copied us please also report.

15.Don't Beg to Be Ranked on Our Forum.

16.On our servers please don't say "Please can I Win" It Doesn't matter about the winning.


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